Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene & Yeshua, has a Violet Flame Temple in Glastonbury which was activated in 2019 (from a seed which Sarah planted in one of her past lives aeons ago.)
From this 'Mother' Temple, other Violet Flame temples have been created in the UK, Denmark and the USA. These spiral Temples, gently and slowly clear the landscapes where they are placed - the spirals are there to clear the earth of the collected thought forms and energetic waste of humanity. 

This live call initiates the next level of activation!** and you are invited to assist in spreading out these energies further and wider.

Working together with Sarah, a great violet flame Angel will be called in to overlight the Mother Temple those that exist now, and those that will be created in the future! 🤍✨🤍

The Violet Flame Spirals come in preparation for Sarah's flame of Unity and Oneness, which is descending towards the earth, and will be grounded in the years 2021, 2022 and completing in 2023. You can read more about Sarah's violet flame here

There's work for us to do 🤩

Watch this playlist of 5 short videos to find out more Sarah's Flame YouTube Playlist

** this was done in October 2020, but you can still work with it from your present place in time! 

Also to take part in future calls, you are invited to take part in these past calls, as 1) they work across space and time, and 2) they prepare you for the work. It's suggested that you work with the calls in the order they were carried out.

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About the instructor

Channel, teacher and energy healer

Rachel Goodwin

Rachel Goodwin is a channel for Sarah, bringing through Sarah's teachings & working with an Ascension grid in the sacred town of Roskilde, Denmark, where she lives. Rachel teaches through her classes, podcast, blog, personal sessions, as well as facebook live. Learn more at

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