Sarah and the Angels

and how they can help you

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Sarah is an ascended master for the New Age of Aquarius, and that’s why she has a host of angels to carry out her bidding! The time is now for us to become master creators, and we’re learning how to shift into the 5th dimension, the Golden Age (or however you want to call it!!) – co-creating the Age of Aquarius from our place of divinity, the divine flame that sits inside each one of us, and Sarah is teaching us how to do this….. And as we look at the world around us, we can sure see that there is a lot of work to do!
But the first place for us to start is with ourselves! Let me explain..
In this 5 day video course, you are invited to take an area in your life, or an aspect of yourself, that you would like some help with. It can be a small or a large thing – it’s completely up to you!! You don’t have to know right now what you want to work on, you can find out along the way!! You will be learning how to invite the special energies that Sarah has into your life, and how to shift things on a quantum level. Sarah has her own vibration of violet flame, as well as her own host of Angels that help with healing and manifesting! She's pretty useful, but be prepared to get some results after working with these exercises, it's powerful stuff!!
In each video there are exercises that will take you through a process and some channelings from Sarah.
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Some feedback on the course

'This .... really works. Thank you Rachel for helping us connect with these beautiful Beings of Light. Thank you angels and Sarah. xx💜💚✨'

'Really enjoyed everything,thank you Rachel Goodwin and Sarah 5 day fb challenge!! xx'

'I am so delighted to learn Sarah is working with Starseeds. Thank you all for a truly life changing week. I feel very blessed and grateful... Xx'

'Thank you ... Rachel, I have gained so much from it and really deepened my connection with Sarah, so lovely to meet her Angels and AA Saraniel and everything else. Love the way you put the crystals in your Etsy shop 💚'

'Beautiful, authentic & direct teachings with heartfelt power. Thank you for a wonderful experience!! 🌷❤️'

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Rachel Goodwin
Rachel Goodwin
Channel, teacher and energy healer

About the instructor

Rachel Goodwin is a teacher and energy healer channeling Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene, & working with one of the ascension grids in the sacred town of Roskilde, Denmark.

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7 Videos
1 Survey
6 Texts

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